Emma Sundbergh

Emma Sundbergh

Credits including: Porsche, IKEA, Mr. Vegas, Patoranking, Pride, RnB out loud summer tour and Lundaspelen among others…

Emma’s career as a dancer started at the young age of 15 when she became a part of the Cabarét Candy club ensemble. She has since then done a numerous variety of performances on big stages like La Pulpa (COL) Yotetoho tour in Beijing, BOZtoberfest in Holland, SIME at Cirkus in Stockholm and MATRIX: the show – where she got handpicked by Anthony Lee, leader for Kinjaz and founder of Arena dance comp, to dance his piece together with him and three other amazing dancers at Nöjesteatern, Malmö.
She has choreographed music videos for artists like Adam Linard aka Lil Gemi, Aris Anye and Zilan as well as for events; Stadsteaterns International women’s day celebration and Eskilscupen et cetera..

Her training includes Hotstepper 1 year hiphop & urban dance education, Copenhagen dance education, Galen hooks artist development, BASE VTP program, and different camps/training programs all around Europe, China, Thailand and Los Angeles,

Emma is extremely passionate about teaching and teaches regularly all across Skåne at different studios, dance educations, and has so far got to travel to Austria, Thailand, The Netherlands and Denmark to share her craft at workshops/camps.

Her classes are not just about technique, culture and clean, detailed choreography. Her trademark is her work to create independent and smart dancers, having them interpret movement in their own unique way and making sure they move with intention. Nerdy musicality and real connection to the music is what stands out in all that she creates.




Nivå Start Dag & tid Pris Ledare    
Choreography/Hiphop Contemporary Ung/Vux, A
Start 4/3. To 19.00-20.00 12 ggr.
Ledare Emma.
A 4/3 To 19.00-20.00 12 ggr 1080:- Emma Info/Boka Begränsad platstillgång. Plats finns men majoriteten av platserna är redan bokade
1 kurs
1080 kr
12 veckor
2 kurser
1910 kr
12 veckor 250 kr rabatt
3 kurser
2740 kr
12 veckor 500 kr rabatt
150 kr
En gång
3320 kr
Fast plats på 4 kurser, 1000 kr rabatt
2299 kr
Detta är till alla som vill utvecklas inom HIPHOP med en mentor, 2h träning i veckan, och en workshop med en utomstående dansare en gång i månaden! 
2000 kr
250 kr rabatt per kurs för ytterligare kurser
1 kurs sommar
540 kr
6 veckor
2 kurser sommar
955 kr
6 veckor
VIP sommar
1650 kr
6 veckor fast plats 4 kurser
Crew sommar
2000 kr
12 veckor

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