Justin Fuentes

OM Justin Fuentes

Justin Fuentes: Born in Venezuela in 1988. Justin’s mother family comes from Spain and his father was born in Trinidad & Tobago. At the age of 10 he began his dancing career on the streets, which became his first stage. His talent, passion and love for dancing led him to the most famous dancing schools in Venezuela. He graduated from IMPET, PENTAGRAMA and L’SQUADRON, and after completing his study he joined the team of teachers and instructors.

Justin is a qualified instructor and choreographer in the following styles: Commercial dance, Jazz Funk and Hip Hop at every level. He has performed with the very popular Venezuelan singer Kauam Hany Omar Acedo, where he created the choreography for the shows and was also a dancer. He also collaborated with famous Latin artists Victor Drija L’squadron, Alexi, Fido and Raphy Flores.

Presently Justin works as a dancer, choreographer, actor and model in Europe. In 2010 he was one of the main characters in Walt Disney’s musical. In 2011 he was acting in the big Bollywood production Ek the Tiger which took place in Dublin. He was the main model in commercial advertising for AIB, one of the biggest banks in Ireland and the well known brand SKECHERS. In 2011 he performed at the Google Festival in Ireland and at the musical festival Oxygen. He was one of the 5 dancers in Ireland who were chosen to perform for the MTV Music Awards in 2011 and supported LMFAO with other popular artists. In 2010,2012,2013 he created choreography and danced at the Miss Venezuela contest.

He is a founder of organization COLLABO which connects dancers and choreographers in Venezuela with international teachers and instructors. COLLABO have organized many workshops and training camps in Venezuela and internationally. He was a winner of the worldwide dance camp Fair Play in Krakow/Poland in 2014. He is an organizer of many dancing workshops in Poland, Ireland and Sweden.

BOKA KURSER MED Justin Fuentes

Kurs / Evenemang Datum / Tid
Streetdance 14+ N
Sal 2, Malmö
Klassen går varje måndag Kl. 17:00 – 18:00
Streetdance 14+ M
Sal 1, Malmö
Klassen går varje måndag Kl. 18:00 – 19:00
1080 kr
12 veckor
1910 kr
12 veckor 250 kr rabatt
2740 kr
12 veckor 500 kr rabatt
100 kr
En gång
3320 kr
Fast plats på 4 kurser, 1000 kr rabatt
2000 kr
250 kr rabatt per kurs för ytterligare kurser
6 veckor
6 veckor 100kr rabatt
6 veckor fast plats 4 kurser