Kxng Smood

Kxng Smood

Sherlon Brooks also known as Kxng Smood was born in downtown Kingston,Jamaica where the dancehall culture has always been apart of his life. From his father being a song writer to a selector/Dj, to his brother also being a song writer and dancer where he picked up the talent from a young age and has been dancing ever since. Since 1998 when he started Holy Family Primary School the interest in dancing grew from just dancehall to break dancing, which was popular in Jamaica in the late 90’s to the early 2000area, and even after graduating from there in 2004 to the Excelsior High School, he didn’t stop dancing. He didn’t show much his talent as a dancer in high school until about the 9th grade. From that time, he started showing more and more when he was right up to finishing school in the 11th grade.By then he entered a competition the school had called“Excelsior talent search”and won as the only solo dancer in the school. After high school Smood joined his brothers crew called “Platinum dancers” where the members were himself, some childhood friends and also his brother. Then after the crew changed to name to“Unit 1”where they started an event on Fridays in the downtown parade area “Dung A Town Fridays”, an early event to entertain the passers by whether it was school children or other workers heading home from along week. During that period, he moved from the downtown area to the Kingston 02 area aka Rockfort, where he meet and upcoming crew called “Elite Team” lead by Andre cosmic. Elite team was and still is known as one of the best dancehall crews in Jamaica. Up to today they still have a lot of hit moves popularly known in Jamaica and European region.During the 6 year he spent with the team he took dancing more serious than ever. With that, his level of dancing evolved extra ordinarily. Smood got his time to shine with the team on a tv show called IN THE DANCE, in the battle series where they eliminated 3 crews in the 3 consecutive weeks.Elite Team quickly grew to become one of the best dancehall teams in Jamaica creating hit moves, just to name a few like: Badda wave, Tsunami rock, K.O, Fatal, Shoota etc. The team has also been in a lot of tv commercials and music videos. After leaving Elite team in 2016, Smood briefly joined a team called Team Cautiion. From there he became a solo dancer, where he got to show his skills by creating moves of his own that became popular all around the world, such as: Lone flow, move off, Itz simple and his latest moves: Recoil,Hallow point,Easy nuh etc.The name “Smood” came up to define his way of dancing. He has become one of the strongest solo dancers in the dancehall world, and with his knowledge and passion for dancing he built up his own personality to the dance. His creation contains a strong technic combined with a soft touch.Since then he has been developing a strong flow from one move to another, by representing Jamaica and being proud of his success, he reached up to the name Kxng Smood





Ålder Nivå Start Dag & tid Pris Ledare    
Dancehall YARD VIBEZ, Från 7 år, Ö
Ti 18.00-19.00 6 ggr. Start 7/6. Avgift 300:-.
Ledare Kxng Smood.
Från 7 år Ö 7/6 Ti 18.00-19.00 6 ggr 300:- Kxng Smood Info Plats finns
Dancehall 30+, Från 30 år, N
Ti 19.00-20.00 6 ggr. Start 7/6. Avgift 600:-.
Ledare Kxng Smood.
Från 30 år N 7/6 Ti 19.00-20.00 6 ggr 600:- Kxng Smood Info/Boka Plats finns
1 kurs
fr. 1 199 kr
12 veckor. Alla priser är inkl moms.
2 kurser
fr. 2 149 kr
12 veckor 249 kr rabatt. Alla priser är inkl moms.
3 kurser
fr. 3 099 kr
12 veckor 498 kr rabatt. Alla priser är inkl moms.
150 kr
En gång. Alla priser är inkl moms.
fr. 3 699 kr
Fast plats på 4 kurser, 1100 kr rabatt
fr. 1 499 kr
249 kr rabatt per kurs för ytterligare kurser
1 kurs sommar
fr. 600 kr
6 veckor
2 kurser sommar
fr. 1 075 kr
6 veckor, 125kr i rabatt
3 kurser sommar
fr. 1 550 kr
6 veckor, 250kr i rabatt
4 kurser sommar
fr. 1 900 kr
6 veckor, 500kr i rabatt

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