Steve Jones

OM Steve Jones

Steve Jones aka Rawsoul 

The Multi Talented guy who does everything from Dancing, Beat-Makin, DJ and Emcee. 

Steve Jones from New York, Queens grow up in a Afro-Latin Jazz family that’s been going on for generations.

It all started when he was 6 years old, his father gave him his first music instrument, 

a trumpet, 2 Turntables and a Gemini DJ mixer because he was listening to Miles Davis, James Brown, The Jackson 5, and Marvin Gaye to J Dilla, Pete Rock and Busta Rhymes everyday. 

Then at the age of 10 he first saw the movies and battles such as Wild Style, Beat Street, Break´in, Style wars, BOTY (Battle of the Year) 

and DMC World DJ Championships. 

A true love story, Steve Jones fell in love with Hip Hop that really got him started dancing and DJ´in to the fullest. 

During his Growing up he stepped up his Dancing skills, Musicality and Technique with the help by a legend Chris “Shaik” Mathis.

Then Things started to take off when he linked up with Mario P. Amigo 

well known as MPA. 

In 2010 together they formed a Beat Crew called Triforce Da Beat Molesters. 

They started making beats nonstop which later got famously known in dance battles and events worldwide such as Juste Debout, Street Star and SDK Europe and more. 

Tracks like “I am nobody”, “new raw”, “Lets plays a video game” and “Hos Alvaro” became hits among dancers. 

2012 King Aus joins the crew and it was all thanks to 

Chris “Shaik” Mathis to unite them. 

Since then everything has gone forward. 

Triforce Da beat Molesters has continually motivated him to put in hard work to his skills


Member of: 

Triforce Da Beat Molesters, Swe/Nyc(Rap/Beat Crew).

The Ivy League,NYC

Free-Zone, Swe (DJ Crew)

Lock N Soul, Swe,Den,USA


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